We are a Mexican company dedicated to the formulation and manufacture of facial, body and hair care products. We integrate several philosophies that allow us to offer an alternative of responsible products.

We manufacture high biocosmetics, designed in our laboratory with the well-being of your skin, hair and the mark we leave on the world in mind.

All our products are biodegradable, are made with certified organic ingredients, 100% vegan (free of ingredients of animal origin and derivatives), free of petroleum derivatives, free of harmful chemicals.

We formulate concentrates with the highest quality of ingredients and active ingredients to achieve a total impact on your skin and hair. The quality of the raw materials we use is the key to the success of our brand.

We only use ingredients derived from the best selection of seeds, flowers, fruits, stems and roots. We seek to keep these ingredients in a pure state, without processing or refining to keep the nutrients and active ingredients intact from their origin.

Our products are not diluted with water, waxes, fillers, mineral oils or low quality. In each container you will find a pure concentrate of vitamins, fatty acids, antioxidants, nutrients and active ingredients with high penetration and 100% assimilable by your cells.

We are pioneers in Mexico in the use of microalgae. We use live cultures of microalgae (such as phycocyanin and astaxanthin) in our formulas, which are characterized by having the highest concentration of antioxidants than any other ingredient on the planet.

What makes us different


Beauty equals health.

Plant-based biocosmetics, with laboratory quality. We combine science and nature to bring only the best formulas and ingredients to your skin.

We are a 100% Mexican brand, we create superfoods for your skin and hair with unbeatable quality, we use only certified organic raw materials, natural active ingredients, superfoods and microalgae.

Clean and functional formulas, with real ingredients and real results. In each container you will find a pure concentrate of vitamins, fatty acids, antioxidants, nutrients and active ingredients with high penetration and 100% assimilable by your cells.


Have you heard before that microalgae will be a very important part of the future of humanity?

Here we tell you why!

Microalgae have a very promising future as they are a renewable and sustainable resource of high biological quality and nutritional concentration. Some of its characteristics: they do not require fertile soil, they do not require pesticides or herbicides, they require 10 times less water than soil crops, they do not need fresh water, 100% of the crop is used, they capture 10 times more carbon dioxide than terrestrial plants, capture pollutants and metals from wastewater, and is the most sustainable and efficient feedstock for producing biofuels.

We are pioneers in Mexico in the use of microalgae in cosmetics , such as: astaxanthin, phycocyanin (blue spirulina), DHA and chlorophyll. These ingredients are characterized by having a very high amount of antioxidants, amino acids, essential vitamins and minerals, biologically compatible with our skin cells.

Check it!


En Agua de Nube somos pioneeros en México usando biofermentos para el cuidado de la piel. La fermentación es un proceso muy antiguo utilizado para preservar los alimentos y potenciar sus beneficios para el organismo. Se utilizan microorganismos y enzimas que se encargan de degradar ciertos componentes para transformarlos en nuevos nutrientes. Seguro ya conoces algunos fermentos, como por ejemplo la kombucha y el kefir.

Los biofermentos son una nueva generación de bioactivos con beneficios increíbles para el cuidado de la piel. Combinan conocimientos antiguos de herbolaria con biotecnología para obtener productos de nutrición intensa para la piel. 


  • Los bioactivos derivados de la fermentación tienen un menor peso molecular, lo que incrementa notablemente su capacidad de penetración.
  • Aumenta la concentración y la potencia de los activos.
  • Generan nuevos nutrientes como aminoácidos, péptidos, enzimas, antioxidantes, etc.
  • Contienen probióticos que ayudan a mantener en óptimo estado la microbiota de la piel.
  • Favorecen la eliminación de toxinas.
  • Son aptos para pieles sensibles gracias a que reducen las probabilidades de irritación en la piel.
  • Mejoran la función cutánea.
  • Son biológicamente compatibles con las células de la piel.
  • Mejoran la salud general de la piel.


We are certified by PETA in the "BEAUTY WITHOUT BUNNIES" program, in the "CRUELTY-FREE AND VEGAN" category.

Our products are 100% free of ingredients of animal origin and derivatives. We also do not test on animals.

You can check more about our certification here.

  • Agua de Nube was founded in 2016, it was born as a challenge: to design a line of cosmetic products with clean and innovative formulas, bio-cosmetics with scientific support and excellent quality with the safety standards of a laboratory.

    From the beginning we have sought coherence between the clean beauty philosophy and a culture of sustainability and environmental responsibility, which is reflected in our processes, ingredients, materials and packaging.

  • We continuously work to offer you innovation and science through real ingredients and functional formulas carefully designed in our laboratory.

    Our goal: Complement your healthy lifestyle through superfoods for your skin and hair that offer REAL AND LASTING results with the least possible environmental impact.

    Clean, pure, transparent skincare without masks. Health!