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Agua de Nube

Pitaya Elixir

Pitaya Elixir

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Facial serum formulated with a blend of the most precious Mexican skin care ingredients.

Its main ingredient is prickly pear oil, known as the natural "botox". Of 100% Mexican origin, it comes from the fruit of the nopal. Our oil is extracted from the first cold press of the prickly pear seeds. Contains high levels of tocopherols (vitamin E), vitamin K, and essential fatty acids (linoleic acid and Omega 6). This oil naturally contains a higher amount of vitamin E than any other oil in the world. Tocopherols contain antioxidants that protect the skin from free radicals. Improves the appearance of pores and scars, attenuates expression lines, offers a tightening effect and provides firmness to the skin.

It also contains chia oil, another ingredient of Mexican origin. An excellent moisturizer and humectant that stands out for its antioxidant capacity and for the presence of bioactive compounds such as tocopherol, squalene, phytosterols and phenols. Contains vitamin B3 and zinc that help control inflammation processes. Reduces collagen degradation and restores the skin's natural barrier.

Another of its star ingredients is dragon pitaya extract. A superfood with a powerful load of indicaxanthin, a natural pigment with a wonderful antioxidant effect, capable of slowing down the oxidation of cells.

Apply a few drops giving a gentle circular massage. Use daily on a clean, dry face.

Ingredients: Virgin organic opuntus ficus indica (prickly pear) oil, virgin organic salvia hispanica (chia) oil, hylocereus undatus (dragon pitaya) extract, citrus grandis (grapefruit seed) extract.


Aceite orgánico virgen de opuntus ficus indica (tuna), aceite orgánico virgen de salvia hispanica (chía), extracto de hylocereus undatus (pitaya dragón), extracto de citrus grandis (semilla de toronja).

Our promise

We combine science and nature to bring the best formulas and ingredients of extraordinary quality to your skin.

Cruelty-free & Vegan

We are certified by PETA in the "BEAUTY WITHOUT BUNNIES" program, in the "CRUELTY-FREE AND VEGAN" category.

Our products are 100% free of ingredients of animal origin and derivatives.

We do not do any kind of animal testing.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Es increíble

Me ha sorprendido lo noble que es con la piel y que a su vez me deja la piel hidratada y super bonita, incluso he visto mejoras en las líneas de expresión, lo que nunca había visto. Definitivamente fue una muy buena compra


Me encanta este aceite ya q mi piel se ve más sana no saca ningún granito lo utilizo por las noches y al otro día amanece mi piel muy suave

Annette Zárate
piel renovada

Tengo ya un año usándolo y mi piel es otra! Cero irritada, iluminada pero no grasosa. Sin duda de las mejores decisiones el haberme cambiado a utilizar toda la rutina de esta marca (shampoo de carbón, tónico, elixir VLU, gel multiactivo y este elixir)

Claudia Camarillo

Esto súper fascinada con este producto, me lo aplico en la mañana y en la noche y deja mi piel súper suave e hidratada.. se han desvanecido las partes resecas que traía en la cara por los cambios climáticos

Norma Pecina

Se absorbe súper bien, no deja sensación grasosa, nutre, y combinado con el gel multivitaminico, deja la piel muy bien humectada

We are a 100% Mexican brand.

We create superfoods for your skin and hair with unsurpassed quality, we use only certified organic raw materials, natural active ingredients, superfoods and microalgae.